Home Organizations

Home Organizations are FEDURUS Participants (universities, universities of applied sciences, university hospitals, libraries and supporting organizations) that operate an Identity Provider.


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Web Resources

Web Resources are e-learning systems, web applications, e-journals, portals, e-shops and any other AAI-enabled systems. These Resources are operated by FEDURUS Participants, either by a institution from the FEDURUS Community (e.g. a university) or a Federation Partner (e.g. a commercial company).

The owner of a web resource can specify whether the service should be publicly listed (see below) or whether it does not make sense to list it.

Digital Content Providers
Springer Nature
Clarivate Analytics - Web of Science
EBSCOhost Online Research Databases
Royal Society of Chemistry
Grebennikov Verlag GmbH
ЭБС Издательства Лань, ООО «Издательство Лань»
ЭБС ibooks.ru (Айбукс.ру), ООО «Айбукс»
"University Library ONLINE", Publisher «Direct-Media»
Образовательная платформа ЮРАЙТ, ООО «Электронное издательство Юрайт»
GÉANT FileSender

FEDURUS technology services

Attribute validator

The Attribute Validator is a tool that validates your identities attributes ensuring that they are suitable for consumption by FEDURUS connected services.

Attribute validator

SAML-JWT proxy

FEDURUS Rapid Connect is a tool which allows Service Providers to easily connect services to the Federation.
Rapid Connect is based on the JSON Web Token standard, which allows applications running on PaaS providers such as Heroku, Google App Engine and Pagoda to connect to the Federation. It also allows developers running their own servers to connect applications to the Federation without the requirement to install a Shibboleth SP or Apache webserver. In addition to easing the technical burden, Rapid Connect simplifies user attribute transfer by automatically providing the most common attributes supported by international federations for research applications.

Rapid Connect