New to AAI?

About AAI introduces the concept of the Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) FEDURUS coordinates and operates for the education community.

Students as well as staff members of all these participating institutions can use their institutional login account to access the wide variety of services.

The FEDURUS Federation is a participant of eduGAIN (Education and Global Authentication Infrastructure), the G√ČANT inter-federation service that interconnects identity federations around the world, simplifying access to content, services and resources for the global research and education community. As eduGAIN candidate for participants, the FEDURUS Federation hereby declares that it will comply with the eduGAIN Policy Framework.

How to participate in FEDURUS?

Participation to the Federation requires the agreement with Federation Policy and compliance with the terms and conditions presented herein that arise from it.

In the Federation only ARLICON Association and its members can participate as Identity Providers. Each institution may take part with a single Identity Provider in the FEDURUS Infrastructure.

Any organization can participate in the Federation as a Service Provider of one or more services provided that these services promote the academic, research or educational work.

ARLICON Association and its members can act both as Identity and Service Providers at the same time.

Documentation and Support for System Administrators

Consult the installation and configuration guides and the support documentation to learn how to set-up and integrate the software components required to make use of FEDURUS.