AAI Attributes

The document AAI Attribute Specification is the reference for attributes within FEDURUS. Administrators of IdPs and SPs should be familiar with this document.

Recent changes of the document

Implementing the changes on the IdP and SP

Service Provider administrators should check the "Attribute Release Matrix" on the AAI Resource Registry (requires authentication with an account in the FEDURUS federation).

Core attributes are mandatory to implement by home organizations, other attributes are optional to implement by home organizations.

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Core attributes

FEDURUS Attributes
Given name
Home organization
Home organization type
Scoped affiliation
Targeted ID/Persistent ID
Unique ID
Interfederation Attributes
Common Name
Display Name
eduPerson Unique ID
Principal name
SCHAC Home Organisation
SCHAC Home Organisation Type

Other attributes

swissEduPerson Attributes
Card UID
Date of birth
Matriculation number
Staff category
Study branch 1
Study branch 2
Study branch 3
Study level
International Attributes
Assurance level
Business phone number
Business postal address
Employee number
Home postal address
Member of
Mobile phone number
Nick name
Organization path
Organizational unit
Organizational unit path
Preferred language
Primary affiliation
Primary organizational unit
Private phone number
User ID

Swiss edu-ID Attributes
Swiss edu-ID internal identifier

Local attributes

swissLibraryPerson Attributes
Library Patron Affiliation
Library Patron Residence
International Attributes
ORCID identifier

Find the complete list of attribute definitions in one single document: AAI Attribute Specification